About Malaria:

With an estimate of 400,000 new infections and up to one million deaths per year, malaria represents one of the most important infectious diseases in the developing world. The absence of a vaccine and the development of parasite resistance to commonly used antimalarial drugs underscore the urgency for new therapeutic approaches. The goal of our research is to define a novel line of defense and characterize innovative critical drug targets.

Our Focus:

Our research focuses on developing biological and technological tools to dissect molecular events driving the malaria parasite infectious cycle. Using functional genomics approaches we expect to elucidate critical regulatory networks driving the parasite infectious cycle and identify novel therapeutic strategies.

Key Areas of Expertise:


  • NGS technology
  • Proteomics
  • Functional genomics
  • Chromatin structure and epigenetics
  • Cell cycle progression
  • Kinases and ubiquitin /proteasome pathway
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