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Located in the Genomics Building on the UCR campus our innovative multidisciplinary team of scientists are dedicated to finding novel therapeutic approaches to combating malaria. We are supported generously by the University with state-of-the-art core facilites including: high throughput sequencing, confocal imaging, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics resources. Our group is part of the Institute of Integrative Genome Biology and the Center for Disease Vector Research at UCR.

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Dr. Karine Le Roch


University of California at Riverside
Institute for Integrative Genome Biology
Center for Infectious Disease and Vector Research
Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
900 University Avenue
Genomics Building, Room 2121B
Riverside, CA 92521 USA

A Call for Malaria Research Funding

Malaria is still one of the most deadly infectious diseases in the world and kills more than one million children per year. Because the disease was successfully eradicated from developed countries after the Second World War, pharmaceutical companies have deprioritized the development of new drug and vaccine strategies against malaria.

Over the past few years governments and foundations are slowly beginning to take the threat of this disease serously - unfortunately, with the global economic crisis, funding opportunities have significantly decreased. If we want to succeed in eradicating malaria, new tools need to be developed and therapeutic compounds need to be discovered.

We are actively engaged in seeking funding from multiple sources. Increasingly, private donations are becoming more important for the continued funding for staff, technology and reagents in our laboratory. Your donations are critical for our continued success.
For more information, contact Dr. Karine Leroch (951)-827-5422. In conjunction with the Assistant Dean of Development in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, your sponsorship will be officially coordinated and implemented through the University of California.